2&3 June 2023

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On June 2nd and 3rd, the Legends of AJAX, Brazil, Colombia, and Curaçao will come together for a world-class football tournament in Curaçao.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the football skills of legendary players such as Edwin van der Sar (AJAX), Ronald de Boer (AJAX), Fabricio Carvalho (Brazil), Faustino Asprilla (Colombia), and Curaçaoan, former AJAX player, and member of the Antillean national team, Brutil Hosé. He represents Curaçao. The Legends will compete against each other as national teams and fight for victory. All teams will be in action on both evenings.

The evenings will be filled with entertainment, an excellent F&B area, and, of course, the spectacular matches of all the teams. The preliminary rounds will be played on Friday and Saturday, with the final also taking place on Saturday.

Each match lasts 2x 15 minutes with a short break of 5 minutes, there will be 4 matches per evening. The event takes place at the Curaçao Airport Venue, next to the road to the airport and opposite the famous Hato Caves. A real stadium is being built here.

This event is organized by the Curaçao Tourist Board in collaboration with AJAX, with the aim of promoting sports and games in an inclusive way.

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